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Amtrek Discover the simplicity of Steerage Class
We'd like to introduce you to Steerage Class Service.  



It's the kind of service you'd expect from Amtrek.

   On your last cruise, did you find yourself inundated with personalized service and overwhelmed with a myriad of mind-numbing choices? Well, we have the answer for you. Try an Amtrek Rail Cruise featuring our Steerage Class Service.

Just imagine: elegant dining...deluxe suite accommodations...attendant on call. Yes, that’s what you might be subjected to by our competitors. Steerage Class Service allows you to escape from all of that bustle with a service that hearkens back to a simpler time.

You’ll find our spartan accommodations refreshingly different. As in the grand tradition of old tramp steamers and garbage scows, Steerage Class Service offers sleeping cars bathed in the soft glow of kerosene lamps. A fine dusting of smudge blankets the entire train, lending its own special charm. Interiors are trimmed with rustic, rough-sawn boards. It is a look that is authentic down to the last splinter.

Are you distracted by the drone of entertainment when traveling? You'll be happy to learn that Steerage Class Service leaves you to the tranquility of your thoughts. And to engaging conversation with the nine strangers who share your private compartment. When it’s time to retire for the evening, there's a sturdy wooden pallet to give your back the firm support it craves.

Dining is different too! With ordinary cruises, you're confronted by a glowering, impatient waiter who pesters you with extensive choices from a gourmet menu. There’s none of that with a Steerage Class Service Rail Cruise. We let you help yourself to your choice of a hard-boiled egg or peanut butter sandwich. (One to a customer, please!)

And that's not all. There's something for everyone with Steerage Class Service. Nature lovers are pleased to find that we don’t insulate you from the elements. We allow you to experience them. That's why all windows are permanently welded open. Summer and Winter, stupefying heat and blinding snow - all meld into an invigorating potpourri of creation.

Sound good? Just think: this is only a sampling of the amenities!

Come back to the good old days. Come back to Steerage Class Service.

Amtrek - Practice Makes Perfict

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