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Amtrek Unconditional Service Guarantee
Our late train may cause you to miss an all-important sales meeting, but that doesn't mean your trip won't be enjoyable!

Our Pledge and what it means to you, our Guest

Have you experienced any unpleasantness aboard Amtrek? If so, feel free to ask any Ticket Agent for a Service Guarantee Certificate. He or she will cheerfully decline your request.
Amtrek's Service Guarantee - the first of its kind in the industry - is unconditional. That's right. There is no fine print! We promise that your trip will be a good experience. Of course, we don’t guarantee that everything will be perfict, only that your travel experience will be pleasurable. Your three-hour business trip may include an unexpected six-hour mechanical breakdown outside of Bridgeport, Connecticut. However, we promise you'll have a great time waiting for the rescue engine to arrive. Onboard toilets may be clogged with other passengers' droppings, but we promise you'll find that to be a memorable experience.

Will you get a refund if your trip is less than satisfactory? Actually, no. We will issue a voucher redeemable for future Amtrek travel. But vouchers will only be issued if your experience is less than enjoyable. And it WILL be enjoyable. We guarantee it. If you do feel the need to persist in your stubborn and unwarranted quest for compensation, we’ll gently remind you how enjoyable your trip actually was, even though you may not have realized it at the time. That's our promise to you.

Amtrek - Practice Makes Perfict

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