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Amtrek Press Releases


JULY 6, 2000
Amtrek introduces a revitalized brand


Paul W.Boddlesby, Director of Communications
1 Deferred Maintenance Way
Nutley, New Jersey, USNJ

Amtrek is proud to announce that we are reinventing ourselves once again. We’re rolling out a new and improved national passenger rail system - Amtrek Version 5.5.

Our rebranding includes a new logo, slogan, paint scheme - even new uniforms. (The only things that haven’t changed are our quality control procedures, equipment maintenance and management.) Amtrek’s new look signifies a fresh beginning. It allows us to shift public attention away from the tarnished image and cumbersome responsibilities of the old Amtrek. There are other benefits, too. Amtrek Version 5.5 is more bug-free and will crash less than the old Version 5.4. And, with our new logo and paint scheme, on-time performance should be vastly improved.

This is the first update of our Travel Mark in 29 years of existence. For reasons of economy, the new logo will not appear system-wide initially. Amtrek’s familiar "Broken Arrow" logo will continue to appear on trains and stations along with our current paint scheme and the four older paint schemes. The new Travel Mark will be gradually phased in over the next 29 years.

Amtrek's rebranding is not limited to our corporate identity. Three top-level Amtrek executives are updating their "Personal Brand" by adopting what are known in the industry as aliases. This personal rebranding is important for our Growth Strategy because the managers in question are under investigation by the Federal Police Bureau. At issue is an alleged misappropriation of $23.5 million from the Crashela program. The executives will roll out their new names in order to project a vital new, unblemished image to law-enforcement personnel. In conjunction with this personal rebranding, the executives will be relocated to a newly-formed South American office in sunny Rio de Janeiro. They’ll work to build their own brand awareness south of the border, free from any concerns of extradition.

Old Logo

New Logo

Old Amtrek Logo New Amtrek Logo


DECEMBER 16, 1999
Film footage reveals shocking truth about derailments

SEPTEMBER 11, 1999
Amtrek unveils "Experience the Adventure" ad campaign

AUGUST 24, 1999
Toymaker to produce scale model of Crashela train

Amtrek is an off-shore corporation headquartered in the United State of New Jersey. It was chartered in 1971 to provide rail service to the U.S.A. and is supported in part by American foreign aid.

Amtrek - Practice Makes Perfict

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