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Amtrek Late-breaking News
Mail & Express Department wins another contract
New rail line constructed as key component of produce transportation deal
The "Maine Jumbo" is the world's largest variety of potato.Amtrek has secured another Express contract that solidifies our position in the produce transportation market. According to Mail & Express Product Line Manager Bobbrick P. Squallus, Amtrek now has exclusive rights to carry a rare variety of potato called the Maine Jumbo. Also known as a "100-year potato" because it appears only once every century, the Maine Jumbo can exceed 20 tons and measure 35 feet in length. The huge spud, which grows only in Maine's Bumwad County, can feed a family of five for seven years. Amtrek has constructed new tracks from Boston to Maine specifically to accommodate this contract. The route will be completed just in time to transport this year's crop to hungry Americans. The next batch of these outsized tubers will not be harvested until Fall of 2100. But, when the time comes, we'll have the tracks in place to transport them, too. Construction costs were $480 million and projected revenue is $106 million for each harvest year. It is expected that the route will become profitable sometime in late September of 2400.
Locator map indicating route of new rail line to Maine
This map indicates the location of Amtrek's new rail line from Boston to Bumwad County, Maine, home of the "Maine Jumbo" potato.

The circuitous route was necessary to avoid the migratory path of an endangered species - the Burrowing Brown-Bellied Maggot. The creature is found only in Maine and was close to extinction prior to a grass-roots effort by a local chapter of The Nature Club. Unfortunately, the indirect routing makes the rail line undesirable for passenger travel. It does not appear to be an inconvenience for most potatoes.

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