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Amtrek Press Releases


DECEMBER 16, 1999
Film footage reveals shocking truth about derailments


Paul W.Boddlesby, Director of Communications
1 Deferred Maintenance Way
Nutley, New Jersey, USNJ

National passenger rail carrier Amtrek has just obtained astounding video evidence of criminal activity involving a derailment earlier this month. Train number 13, the "Silver Fish," derailed just east of Pahrump, Nevada on December 6. Both of the coaches and 8 of the 34 baggage and express cars left the rails, rolling off of a bridge into the creek below. The bodies of at least 16 passengers were never recovered. Luckily, the expensive locomotives stayed on the track and much of the freight was salvaged.

The videotape was submitted by Stewart B. Nebbish, 38 and balding, of Elko, Nevada. Nebbish - a railfan and amateur paper clip collector - had been trainspotting at the time of the incident. He waited over a week to come forward with the damning evidence because he feared retribution from the perpetrator. "I was scared," said Nebbish while recovering at home. "Anyone that's capable of derailing a train is more than just criminal. They're some sort of hideous creature!"

We must issue a warning that some viewers may find the attached video extremely disturbing. In spite of that, Amtrek management is relieved, according to spokesman Kirby Kidwell. "This does put our minds somewhat at ease because it proves conclusively that this derailment was not due to any negligence by Amtrek," said Kidwell. "This is clearly the work of a monster." 

(Please scroll down to view the video. Be patient. Animation will replay after loading.)








JULY 6, 2000
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AUGUST 24, 1999
Toymaker to produce scale model of Crashela train

Amtrek is an off-shore corporation headquartered in the United State of New Jersey. It was chartered in 1971 to provide rail service to the U.S.A. and is supported in part by American foreign aid.

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