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Amtrek Press Releases


SEPTEMBER 11, 1999
Amtrek unveils "Experience the Adventure" ad campaign


Paul W.Boddlesby, Director of Communications
1 Deferred Maintenance Way
Nutley, New Jersey, USNJ

Amtrek is introducing a new ad campaign, dubbed "Experience the Adventure." According to Amtrek president Woodward P. Sanguine, the campaign spotlights the unpredictability of rail travel in the U.S. "A ride on Amtrek may not always be convenient, fast, friendly, reliable, safe, or even sanitary, but it certainly is exciting," said Sanguine. He added: "Amtrek hopes to capture that segment of the travel market that's looking for a challenging adventure. We're going after skydivers, bungee jumpers, tightrope walkers, firewalkers, survivalists, and demolition derby drivers. We're even targeting the alligator-wrestling sector by offering a 3-night Swamp Safari to Okeechobee, Florida, Amtrek's Gateway to the Everglades."

The campaign will debut in 310 newspapers nationwide this Fall.


"When you think of Amtrek, do you think transportation? Well, you may be interested to find that we’re so much more. Consider us to be a pathway to excitement where getting there can be half the fun!

At Amtrek, we combine a magical unpredictability with a zesty touch of adventure to create a delightfully different travel sensation. What was to be a quick three-hour trip to New York for the Board of Directors meeting might become a nine-hour lull in the midst of your hectic week.

There’s always a surprise for you. That relaxing two week rail tour you’ve been planning may unexpectedly develop into a bitter contest for survival. You’ll see angry hordes grappling for the last morsel of food in the diner. (Sometimes, even the mice go hungry!) And, if you're lucky, you may get to see fugitives fleeing Justice and drug deals going down right before your eyes!

It’s a special time, to meet and make new friends. The demented man next to you might brandish a revolver or handcuffs and claim to be a U.S. Marshal in a thrilling scene reminiscent of the old west! Another passenger may release a pet python into the confines of your coach. Activities like this result in a fun-filled scramble for the door, with seniors overjoyed to find that their legs are more limber than they’ve been in years!

There’s always something fun to see and do. The sleeper car may even contain an actual brothel, full of the lusty rhythm of the rails.

Yes, you’ll be building memories the moment you step on board and have stories that will amaze your descendants years from now. From the subzero temperatures of the Antarctic to the dry heat of the Sahara, it can all be found on an Amtrek train. You’ll see the drama and pathos of human misery - and you’ll be a part of it! So, come aboard and experience the adventure awaiting you on Amtrek!"


JULY 6, 2000
Amtrek introduces a revitalized brand

DECEMBER 16, 1999
Film footage reveals shocking truth about derailments

AUGUST 24, 1999
Toymaker to produce scale model of Crashela train

Amtrek is an off-shore corporation headquartered in the United State of New Jersey. It was chartered in 1971 to provide rail service to the U.S.A. and is supported in part by American foreign aid.

Amtrek - Practice Makes Perfict

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