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Amtrek Extras (odds & ends, leftovers, call-it-what-you-will)
The Portable Amtrek
A new version of this site designed for hand-held computers
New Jersey 101
A brief history of this island nation that is corporate home to Amtrek

Nemesis E-13 Locomotive

Exodus E-13 Locomotive
Painting by Mr. Foto D. Luxe

Low-bandwidth site
To serve you better, we're creating a new, faster-loading site.
A user-friendly feature to help you accurately figure travel expenses
Kid's Korner
Happy, fun, and safe activities for middle-aged men
Our site on one easy-to-read page! (Not suitable for WebTV or Atari 2600)
Website Achievements
Awards, recognitions and other accomplishments
Year 2000 Calendar
Still worth keeping, if only as proof of the damage done by Y2K.
Rolling stock for sale
Old baggage cars make a great second home.
See it almost live with our track-level WebCam.
Train Status
Check train departure information with Quik-Status®
Websight for the Colorblind
Another example of Amtrek, daring to care
Employment Opportunities
Discover a rewarding career
The Full Disclaimer
A few words from our lawyers

Amtrek - Practice Makes Perfict

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