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Film footage reveals shocking truth about derailments (December 16,1999)
Amtrek unveils "Experience the Adventure" ad campaign (September 11,1999)
Toymaker to produce scale model of Crashela train (August 24,1999)
Amtrek: Daring to Care
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Look what we're rolling out!
Amtrek's Engineering Department has created a new flexible track made entirely of space-age plastics! The new 'Flex Track' will be rolled out - literally - on Amtrek's rights-of-way this Spring. Extremely light weight, a 50-foot section can be easily handled by one employee. The cumbersome old steel rail will be recycled, reaping far more in scrap value than the cost of Flex Track. While the new system has not actually been tested in service, Amtrek engineers expect no problems. Similar arrangements have worked flawlessly on toys for years.

Amtrek declares war on late trains: "If any train fails to arrive on time, ve vill shoot first and ask questions later," jokes one top exec.
Intercity Operations Vice-President Bradford Wallet and On-time Performance Czar Coswell Groggins have completed an intensive three-day summit at which they dealt frankly with the problem of late trains. "Certainly we've had huge problems in the past," said Wallet. "Some have even accused us of management atrocities. But we've got to move beyond our mistakes." Groggins agreed, adding, "If nothing else, we want to be remembered for making Amtrek trains run on time." The two cheerfully vowed to crush any opposition to their plan.

Intercity Operations Vice-President Bradford Wallet (left) and On-time Performance Czar Coswell Groggins (right) are pictured above at the end of their summit.

Amtrek announces our new track-level WebCam.
We're excited about this opportunity to communicate some of the thrill of modern trains. Click here
to view the WebCam.

Late train results in tense standoff
The late operation of Amtrek's northbound #1300 has prompted disgruntled passengers to seize the train. The "Heartache Flyer" has been parked on a siding outside Norman, Oklahoma since December 28. Dispatchers refused to give it priority over freights on the busy single-track line. After sitting for over 72 hours,
tired passengers on the all-coach train commandeered the baggage cars and converted them into makeshift dormitories. The scene is now littered with clotheslines and other signs of domestic life. Negotiators have been called in.
UPDATE-February 6, 2000: Exhausted passengers were greeted with cheers from family and friends when they finally pulled into Oklahoma City, over five weeks late. Too tired to speak, they feasted on a lavish buffet of cheese crackers and Slim Jims flown in for the occasion.

This was the scene just south of Norman, Oklahoma, where the "Heartache Flyer" was parked on a siding for five weeks. The train normally averages 31 miles per hour for its route, but the huge delay brought the average for this particular trip down to 26 miles per week.

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