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Amtrek Rolling stock and land for sale

Looking for a second home?
Old baggage cars are an economical alternative to conventional structures.
For your real estate needs,
Amtrek has teamed with

Boldwell Canker
(More information below)

Have you always dreamed of having a cozy mountain hideaway or seaside bungalow? If you'd like to turn these dreams into reality but are hampered by a tight budget, we may have the answer. Amtrek has baggage and Express cars for sale. These were decommissioned because they no longer meet our high standards for transportation of freight. However, they still have all of the qualities that make them great for human habitation. Simply add a few windows and some nice curtains, and you'll quickly transform one of these cute fixer-uppers into a cabin, poolside cabana or authentically-styled rustic shack.

Boldwell CankerAmtrek  has partnered with real estate broker Boldwell Canker. If you need land for that old baggage car, they have prime locations available worldwide. Below are some of the lovely properties they've helped our customers secure.


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